What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an Identity and Access Management System used to authenticate eligible students, faculty and staff to the electronic resources delivered by the library of European University Cyprus. More importantly, OpenAthens provides the user with single sign-on access to both internal and external web-based resources.

How do I login to OpenAthens?

Logging into OpenAthens could not be any simpler since all you need to do is use your EUC email and password. For staff and faculty these are the same credentials as you use to access your EUC computer.

Points and Tips

Points and Tips for easier searching sessions while using OpenAthens

  • Your MyAthens homepage lists all major resource providers but not all databases. For example, the EUC library subscribes to over 40 EBSCO databases and over 15 Proquest databases.
  • For a more detailed description of what the EUC library offers check the ‘Resources’ tab in OpenAthens environment. Additionally you can check the library guides page.
  • EBSCO EDS should be your starting point since it searches all databases concurrently. In the case, that you have narrowed down your research to a very specific topic it might be better to visit first specialized databases in order to eliminate irrelevant search results.
  • Very few databases need additional codes (i.e. Nomiki Vivliothiki, S&P Capital I.Q., Leginet) or offer only on-campus access (i.e. LexisNexis Juris Classeur Pro). Check out the ‘Resources’ tab in OpenAthens environment and contact the library for the access codes.

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